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Pinoy version of "LaLola" airs starting October 13

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Genre: Romantic Comedy/Fantasy Drama


Main Cast

  • Rhian Ramos as Lolita "Lola" Padilla - She is a man who became a woman because of a spell. Lola will introduce herself as the girlfriend of Lalo so she can still work at Distelleria Lobregat.
  • JC de Vera as Facundo Canavaro[3] - He is the vice president for Marketing and public relations officer of Distelleria Lobregat and is the complete opposite of Lalo.
  • Eddie Garcia as Don Aguirre[4] - He is the hard-to-please grandfather and tyrannical ruler of the Lobregat dynasty.
  • Marvin Agustin as Gaston Lobregat - He is Lalo's older, power-hungry half-brother and right man who aims to oust Lalo from his top post at all cost.
  • Angelika dela Cruz as Sabrina - She is Facundo's ex-girlfriend and Distelleria Lobregat's hottest model.
Extended Cast
  • Keempee de Leon as Gary - He is Lalo's best friend and flatmate who appears every bit like Lalo but is secretly in love with his best friend.
  • Eula Valdez as Susana - She is Lalo's real mother who had to leave Lobregat mansion due to her husband's womanizing and returns years later and and schemes Aguirre's downfall by putting her own distellery.
  • Jackie Lou Blanco as Griselda - She is Gaston's manipulative and scheming mom.
  • Jay-R as Pato - He is one of Distelleria Lobregat's top executives and the on-and-off boyfriend of Vicky.
  • Sheena Halili as Vicky - She is the inept and clumsy assistant of Sabrina.
  • Gladys Reyes as Iris - Iris is Facundo's aunt who is very close to him.
  • Lovi Poe[5] as Julia - She is the artistic adopted daughter of Susanna.
  • Marky Cielo as Billy - Billy is Lalo's missing half-brother who works as a janitor in Distelleria Lobregat.
  • Patricia Ismael as Soledad - She is the Sera's ugly form when she was punished by Garganta for abusing her powers. She will follow Lola and make her life miserable.
  • Yul Servo as Matias - He is the messenger of the Lobregats who will fall in love with Soledad.
  • Robert Villar as Boogie - He is a street kid who will be adopted by Facundo.
Guest Cast
  • Wendell Ramos as Lazarro "Lalo" Lobregat[6] - He is a womanizer and heartbreaker who will be turned into a woman because of a spell. Lalo is also the president of the most successful brewery in the country, Distelleria Lobregat and Manila's most eligible bachelor. He will get a dose of his own medicine when he is turned into a gorgeous woman by his ex-girlfriend's vengeful sister, Sera, who happens to be a sorceress.
  • Iza Calzado as Sera Romina [7] - One of the Romina sisters. She's a good sorceress who will resort to black magic to avenge her sister Ada.
  • Isabel Granada as Tala Romina - She is the eldest of among the Romina sisters.
  • Jewel Mische as Ada Romina - She is Lalo's jilted ex-girlfriend who commited suicide.
  • Melanie Marquez as Garganta - She is the head sorceress and leader of the Babaylan
  • Ana Capri as Oreng - She is the Romina sisters' aunt who practices black magic.


This is a comedy about a man named Lazarro "Lalo" Lobregat (Wendell Ramos). Lalo is the president of the most successful brewery in the country, "Distelleria Lobregat" and Manila's most eligible bachelor, and he is surrounded by many women.

The story revolves around a womanizer who was turned into a woman. One of the sorcerer sisters, Ada (Jewel Mische), Sera (Iza Calzado), and Tala (Isabel Granada), fell in love with him. Ada is one of Lalo conquests and Sera put a spell on him. Sera did it to a avenge their sister's misfortune. She created a potion and put it in her lips, then she kissed Lalo in the lips that made him become a woman.

Now Lalo is a woman. And, Sera was punished for abusing her magical powers and will be turned from a beautiful woman into the ugly Soledad (Patricia Ismael), who will make Lola's life hellish. Lalo cannot convince anyone of his metamorphosis, so he needs to decide how to continue working at his job. He decides to go back to work himself. So he introduces himself at his company as Lolita "Lola" Padilla (Rhian Ramos), Lalo's girlfriend. Only Gary (Keempee de Leon), Lalo's best friend and flatmate who is secretly in love with him, knows what really happened to Lalo, which is now known as Lola. Because of his innocence of what happened to him, he never knew that once he was kissed by a man, he can never go back again to his true self.

Will Lalo find the true meaning of love and humility in Lola? Will Lola find a way to get back to her real identity as the president of Distilleria Lobregat? But what if Lola falls in love with Facundo? Will she be able to confess the truth to the man she loves? Will she be able to confess the truth to the man she loves? Will she give up being Lalo just to be Facundo forever? See how he manages this new life as a girl.

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Teleseryes share some characteristics and similar roots with soap operas and telenovelas,yet teleserye has evolved into a genre with its own unique characteristics usually reflecting social realism of Filipinos. Teleserye are aired in prime-time five days a week, and replays during weekends, attract a broad audience across age and gender lines, and command the highest advertising rates. They last about three months to a year or more depending on its rating and come to a climactic close.

Teleseryes are produced by the two main Philippine TV networks and two independent companies. ABS-CBN, which is Philippine's pioneer producer and exporter of Teleseryes and, GMA Network. TAPE Inc. and the movie producer VIVA Entertainment were the two largest companies.

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